#5 Event Details


Ignite Berlin is a locally organised event. We do it for fun and not for profit. We have managed to keep this as a free event so far and we will try to keep it free in the future.

We do depend on the generosity of our location sponsors. You can help us organise the space and minimise chair deficits* by registering on Eventbrite: Ignite Berlin #5. Please bring your Eventbrite confirmation as you’ll need this for entry.

When and where:

  • Thursday, July 30th at 19:00
  • Talks start at 19:30
  • IXDS studio, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39/40, 10999 Berlin, U8 Kottbusser Tor or Schönleinstraße.
  • Free entrance: bring your friends and buy your own drinks at the venue


  • So far, all the presentation submissions have been in English for Edition #5
  • We have had talks in German before, in case you are wondering
  • Some of the speakers are native German-speakers so don’t be shy to engage them in German!

Looking forward to see you there!

* some chair deficits are unavoidable and some people will have to stand in the back of the room during the talks.

Jessilyn Yoo + Neil Calderwood: “How to be together when you can’t be together”


Neil Calderwood is unnerved by talking about himself in the third person. He likes to talk at length about just about anything besides himself, and therefore finds it extremely difficult to write biographies for things like this. Keep in touch with Neil: www.neilcalderwood.com | https://twitter.com/neilcalderwood Jessilyn Yoo is a program manager at Fjord Berlin. Originally from New York, she has a… Read More

Frank Leue: “Technology’s alternative scenarios”


Frank is concerned with the current state of technology and the direction it’s heading towards. Recent announcements from Apple and Google foreshadow a shift in technology into the age of personal agents. Expect to hear about: algorithmic predictions, connected everything’s , the fall of major brands and experience lots of brain picking.

Peter Sikking: “Positive action ships successful products”


Peter Sikking is an experienced interaction architect. He unabashedly puts shipping great products at the centre of his design practice. He is known for his work for Google, Nokia, the Metapolator & GIMP open source projects, and startups. Peter is sought out by executives who have no use for average results. With a design‐led process he shapes the success they… Read More

Neil Fraser Addison: “20 Ways of Looking at Data in Relation to the Self’s Debris”


I am slowly composing a design fiction set in the near future. I am thinking about how a content strategy unit for start-ups might operate. I am playing around with the notion of sequential trade agreements. I am tweeting, every now and again, here.

Claudia Simon: “Why everybody needs a mechanical typewriter”


Claudia Simon is the owner of a vintage interior shop aka cultural management/communications office aka gallery aka artist’s studio in Neukoelln, with typewriters taking up more and more space and time in all these disciplines. A while ago, a friend called her “The Queen of Typewriters” – and she’s doing her best to live that mission, not only in terms of hardware, but also by… Read More

Franziska Schmid: “Digital natives and how they need our help”


Franziska is a Product- and Service designer. She’s been with IXDS since January 2014 and works as a Senior Designer in the areas of user research, co creation-workshops and concept-development. Franziska studied product-design at the University of applied Sciences Coburg and service-design at Ohio State University. Before joining IXDS she worked for the Volkswagen Group in the service innovation team…. Read More

Onika Simon: “Unisaur fallacy”


As a cultural researcher and design strategist, I’m often asked to assess and share insights about the future of human spending and consumption – but I prefer to hypothesize about the future of human work, leadership and specifically innovation. Currently big corporates spend a lot of time figuring out how to make a difference but often hesitate to do anything that will mess up their status quo; start-ups on the other hand, are sufficiently messy but still rely on external (big corporate) support in order to make significant changes.

Both of these scenarios are limited by a dinosaur paradigm for business that today’s kids and students are already learning to operate outside of – so I’d like to share some thoughts on what makes them different and how these differences will radically affect the way that innovation will be perceived and achieved.

Meng Li Wong: “600 days of Berlin”


“I was born and raised in Asia. Now I am living and working happily in Berlin. I’ve always work in international company, I write email in English, I eat sausages, pasta, I drink German beer, I traveled to different places in the world. I see myself as a modern Asian and global citizen. I am not totally right 😊 After… Read More

Saroja Coelho


Saroja is a journalist and social entrepreneur based in Berlin. She is currently developing a series of multimedia and digital storytelling events in European cities, intended to amplify marginalised voices through inclusive, two-way dialogues. This means enabling audiences to participate in the production of media, instead of simply consuming content created by traditional broadcasters and newspapers. One of these projects… Read More

Thomas Stegmann: “The power of stories in the creative process”


Thomas Stegmann studied industrial design a the UDK in Berlin in the early nineties, finishing as Diplom-Designer specialising in interaction design. He worked for four years as an interaction designer for IDEO in London and San Francisco, almost survived the new economy crash in 2001 with razorfish in Hamburg, and was responsible for product design and brand of CoreMedia, a… Read More

Paul Adams: “Pac Man, the original troll”


PacMan: The Original Troll. PacMan is one of the best-known, well-loved and often-copied games of all time. But PacMan is mocking you. You cannot beat PacMan; nobody can beat PacMan. He laughs in your face.

Daria Tsareva-Lenskaya: “Truths and myths about pole dance”


Dasha is QA Engineer in one of the Berlin startups. She came to Germany from the biggest country in Europe – Ukraine. The country with a strong Soviet past, a vague present and an undefined future.  The past sits especially strong inside people’s minds and rules the world outside them. But there are some brave people who are not afraid to… Read More

Meik Mense: “Bees: How keeping keeps me stunned.”


Meik Mense is visual designer at IXDS with over 7 years of experience in the digital field. He studied Media-Design at the school of applied sciences in Mainz and graduated in 2006. After working as a freelancer he worked for several years at mediaman GmbH as a web design Art Director. During that time he was responsible for graphics for… Read More

Lea Gscheidel: “Love and death”

Lea quer klein

Since I am an undertaker I started to believe in the power of love. Sounds cheesy? Imagine two grown up men, who barely knew each other, holding each other’s hands like 6-year-olds, approaching their deceased sister and ex-wife.

Apply to speak at Ignite Berlin #5

The basics at a glance When: Thursday, July 30th 2015 Where: IXDS, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39/40, 10999 Berlin Kreuzberg, U8 Kottbusser Tor/Schönleinstrasse. Application deadline: July 7th 2015, midnight Berlin time. Language: All presentations in English. Entrance is free. If you have any questions, let us know via Twitter or comment on this post below. Your Ignite Berlin team: Claudia, Yasmina & Peter. Loading…